Squad Training

Bronze “Junior Development”

Enjoying swimming and having some fun whilst in a team environment is the priority for our Bronze Squad.

This squad will introduce the swimmers to the technical/drill sets as well as the aerobic aspects of all strokes. Race skills, coordination and fitness are introduced and encouraged in this squad.

Swimmers are introduced to Club Nights and the journey of competitive swimming usually begins at this level. The competitive edge for racing is re-enforced and nurtured.

The squad members will also learn how to have a “healthy” attitude towards general sportsmanship and how to deal with the highs and lows of expectations.


Events Trained For

  • 50m | 100m All strokes
  • 100m | 200m Individual Development

Training Times

Monday & Friday
5.30am - 7.30am
Tuesday to Friday
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Silver “State Development Squad”

Members of this squad should demonstrate their ability to improve and show commitment to their training, with a desire to compete at a higher level. Members of this squad should be swimming competitively and racing well at a regional level.

Aerobic and Anaerobic systems are maintained for the development of the swimmer, with a focus on our growing athlete. There is also focus on developing the foundations of swimming with technique and skill, whilst introducing other aspects such as speed and endurance training.

Swimmers will now be introduced to our dry-land program, with a focus on injury prevention and performance enhancement can show independence and follow direction from the coach.

Dry-land – this program focuses on core stability, strength and flexibility. Our coaches will be working with swimmers to encourage basic skills and understanding of the importance of self-discipline, body/fitness awareness, and how to set and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Topics include nutrition, time management, self-discipline, decision making, and goal setting.

Events trained for:

100m | 200m | 400m à All Strokes
200m | 400m à individual development
400m| 800m Freestyle

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Program Offerings 

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a foundation for development activities that will enhance opportunities for students to gain meaningful learning outcomes that aid their level of aquatic information, skill and comprehension for safer participation in, on and around the water.

Program Challenges 

Participants have the opportunity to complete a range of challenges across all streams and gain points as they achieve their milestones. Their progression will take them through various program stages until they reach a pinnacle point that can lead to aquatic industry employment opportunities, and/or lifesaving competition pathways.
Stages of the program are designed to challenge the individuals’ knowledge and skills whilst developing in other areas such as teamwork and overall fitness. Participants are rewarded based on effort as well as achievement making it unique to most other structured aquatic programs.

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